Before we build, we research. We know that our success depends in large part on accurate, complete, and timely surveys. Our strength in developing custom signage comes from identifying and meeting the unique needs of each site while maintaining the integrity of your message and conforming to your brand.

Our team understands sign ordinances and knows how to work with cities and property managers. We identify potential challenges early in the process and therefore design signs that meet the needs of all parties involved. We have established relationships with City officials which enables us to streamline the permit procurement process.

Our permit specialist expedites the entire permit process for you. We prepare all the necessary documents, applications, and drawings, until your project has been approved and permits are secured.

Is a Sign Permit required for a business sign?

This is the number one question we get from new business owners, and the answer is Yes…

All Exterior commercial sign projects require a Building Permit from their corresponding City or Municipality.

Note: Interior Signs do not need a sign permit.

How long does the City take to issue a sign permit required for a
commercial sign project?

This varies by City, but it can take as little time as a 1 Hour meeting and we pull the permit “Over the Counter” or it may need to be submitted into the city and can take upwards of 2 months.

Adwave Signs will typically not start fabrication until a Sign Permit has been issued. The city has the authority to make drastic changes to your sign design and this will change fabrication and costs. We encourage all business owners to leave enough time for city paperwork, design & fabrication before officially open the location.