We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship on every sign we fabricate and offer a standard 3-year warranty on most sign products.


Adwave Signs warrants to you as the original purchaser, excluding electrical components, electrical systems, lamps & neon glass to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal conditions, upon shipment or installation of said products.

Electrical components & systems to be covered by the manufacturers own warranty & applies to the replacement of materials only & does not include labor or travel to replace said parts.

Lamps warranted for (6) months from date of installation or shipment & apply to the replacement of materials only & do not include labor to replace said parts.

Neon glass is warrantied to be in working condition at the time of pick up or installation & cannot be warrantied beyond that time due to conditions beyond our control, resulting in breakage of glass.

This exclusive warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper handling.

Adwave Signs shall have no liability or responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by improper handling. 

Warranty procedures

The purchaser must notify in writing of any warranty claim prior to initiating any remedy upon the defective product. Upon receipt of such notice, NW Signs will direct that an authorized representative inspects the product and if necessary, correct the defect in accordance with this exclusive warranty, Adwave Signs shall have the exclusive right to determine whether or not a defect is covered by this exclusive warranty.


Provided that the warranty procedures are followed, Adwave Signs will repair and/or replace defective products during the applicable warranty period without charge for parts and labor.

Repair and or replacement of defective products is your exclusive remedy under this company’s exclusive warranty.

Adwave Signs shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage direct, incidentally, or consequentially if the companies product is defective or does not conform to this exclusive warranty. In any event, the maximum amount for which the company shall be liable to the purchaser shall be the purchase price of the product.

Any claim for breach of this exclusive warranty shall be brought, if at all, not later than 30 days from the date of the companies breach.

Adwave Signs is not responsible for damage in transit. By law, the carrier is responsible for damages in shipment and all claims must be filed against the carrier. No merchandise may be returned without prior consent from Adwave Signs.