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Importance of Illuminated Signs

There are many good reasons for choosing to invest in lighted signs. While this type of sign may cost more money than those without lighting, making it easier for consumers to see the purpose of the sign makes it well worth the extra money. There are reasons to consider this during the planning stages of your purchase; the thought process will make it easier for you to assess the feasibility of using illumination for your business signs.
Purpose of the Sign
When you need to determine whether or not you should put out the additional expense of an illuminated sign, the first thing you need to assess is the purpose of the sign. Commercial signs can serve their purposes better when they are lit. Here are some benefits to consider:
• Provide additional visibility at night
• Illuminate an area regardless of weather conditions
• Provide lighting in an otherwise darkened area
• Help potential customers see the information the sign provides

Assess the Potential Advantages

The advantages of choosing an illuminated sign vary depending upon the actual purpose of the sign. However, this is something important to think about before you make a decision about the type of sign you are going to use for your business.
Although the advantages of Illuminated signs is undeniable for businesses, the elements to consider may be different depending on the purpose of the sign and the type of business involved. Real Estate signs clearly will be more advantageous to the seller if potential buyers are able to read the sign when they are simply driving around the neighborhood even after dark. Having clearly defined goals will help you make the right decision about the sign best suited to your needs.

Advertising Budget

Another thing to keep in mind is the budget you have set for advertising. Regardless of the potential sales or profit from illuminated signs, if your budget doesn’t justify the cost, you will need to look at other methods that may be more beneficial for your needs. It’s important to look at all angles before you make any kind of a decision, and that includes assessing potential sales as well as expenses that include advertising.

Reaching Out to Your Target Audience

The goal of any type of advertising is to reach your target audience, but before you can do that you have to identify who your target audience actually IS. Why is that important to know when purchasing any kind of sign? When you know the target audience you can choose the most effective placement of your signs. For example, if your target audience is owners of commercial property, it would not be beneficial for you to place signage at the entrances of residential communities or apartment complexes.

Choosing the Proper sign

There are many types of signs out there. Choosing the best suited one for your specific needs may be easier if you consult an expert. There are certain restrictions for commercial signs imposed by the governing authority where the sign will be installed. Most business owners are not familiar with the city codes and lose time and resources trying to work the system. A small business in Miami, for example, may want to choose a Pole sign, but even if they have the budget for it, the city will not allow it as per the current code. We strongly recommend consulting with an expert before choosing a sign for your business, whether illuminated or not.

Think Like a Consumer

One of the most important parts of choosing the right advertising method is to think like the people you are trying to reach. Of course, not all signs are intended to sell something; there are those that are guides such as directional signs. However, many signs do have the sole purpose of generating sales in one way or another, so the first thing you need to do is to put yourself in the place of your target audience. What type of sign would appeal to you? What would grab your attention enough for you to make the telephone call to request more information? When you think like the people you are trying to reach you will achieve more success.

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