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How do I submit the artwork for my project?

Artwork must be vector format — no JPG, TIFF or Bitmaps. PC based files only. Submitted files should be professionally created at full size in Corel, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop and saved as native files (.ai, .psd, etc.). Adobe PDF documents may also be submitted if prepared properly. Colors are typically specified as PMS (Pantone), but if this isn’t available CMYK is acceptable. It is typically attached to an email and sent to the BIG representative preparing your proposal. Larger files can be zipped if necessary.

What are the payment terms?

It is common practice for sign companies to request a deposit prior to ordering any materials. Once a proposal has been approved, an electronic deposit invoice will be sent. Typically, a 50% deposit is required to proceed with an order, and the 50% balance is due upon completion. We accept Business Checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What is your warranty?

We take great pride in designing and producing signs that will perform beyond the call of duty. We use only the best materials available, and our products are inspected to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met before a job leaves our shop. In the unlikely event of a product failure, we provide you with a minimum 1-Year Warranty. All labor and materials are covered for the first year, but many materials are warranted for the lifetime of the sign. Normal wear on an exterior sign caused by natural exposure to the elements is not covered. Damage resulting from acts of God, negligence, or misuse is not covered by this warranty. Adwave must be notified of a product failure prior to taking any action to repair a sign. To proceed with any work on a sign under warranty without obtaining authorization automatically voids any guarantees.

What are the elements of a good sign?

Good signage starts with a good design from an experienced designer, and then it is built from quality materials and installed with expertise when it is promised. An experienced sign designer is well versed in ADA requirements and familiar with the code and permit processes for your area. At Adwave, we use only the best materials and processes.Unfortunately, an inexperienced person may not know at first glance if a sign is made poorly. You should have confidence that the company you use is knowledgeable and has a reputation for excellence in the industry. What you may save on up front dollars with an inexpensive sign can be readily lost when there are warranty issues or repairs are necessary. A poorly designed sign made with inferior materials is a terrible reflection on your business. Our reputation and large following of repeat customers is a clear indication of how we do business.

How much will my sign cost?

So many factors can affect the total cost, and not all of them may be within your control. Frequently, there are design standards for a property that ensure growth and will maintain the professional appearance. Budget is one of the first parameters we attempt to understand when we begin your design because there are many materials that can be used to achieve a similar look. During the consultation and design stages, we will take your ideas and wishes, couple them with our knowledge of fabrication and materials, and present a proposal that uniquely embodies your company logo and culture.

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